What Happens If You Keep Your Feet In Mouthwash

Feet disorders can cause a great discomfort. Heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong choice of footwear and compromised immunity are the main causes of feet diseases. If you take appropriate actions, foot fungus, calluses and athletes foot will be a forgotten story.
So, here we have a trick that will get you rid of these unpleasant affections.

Foot fungus
To get rid of foot fungus, take some foot baths with mouthwash solution. Keep your feet in this antiseptic liquid for 30 minutes every night before bedtime for a week and the disease will disappear.

In this case, after the feet bath with mouthwash, apply a solution of raw onions marinated in vinegar.

You need:
-1 onion
-200 ml of apple cider vinegar

How to prepare:
Cut the onion in ring slices and put them into a bowl. Pour over vinegar and after 30 minutes take out the slices. Before going to bed, apply it on the affected areas and wrap your feet into a plastic bag. Repeat every night until calluses disappear.


Athlete’s foot
Keep your feet into mouthwash solution for 30 minutes to disinfect them. Then cut a few garlic cloves in half and place the pieces between your toes. It’s true that this solution is stinging and malodorous, but instead treats mycosis better than any pharmaceuticals. The symptoms will disappear instantly.

Image Credits: ListerineFootSoak