What happens if you eat 1 garlic clove on empty stomach

Garlic has a lot of benefits for our health but is forbidden for those with stomach problems.
It is very efficient in treating viral diseases, acts as a natural antibiotic for infections, and studies show that if you eat garlic on an empty stomach, you will enhance the effect.

The reason why a clove of garlic is more efficient in the morning, before breakfast, is that the human body is not very active which is why germs are overexposed and can’t defend themselves against the increased garlic effect.
Studies show that a clove of garlic in the early morning reduces symptoms of high blood pressure. It takes care of the bloodstream and it prevents a lot of liver and bladder diseases.

Garlic may also treat diarrhea, loss of appetite and stress.
Although it is known that people who have stomach hyperacidity should not eat garlic, however it seems that a garlic clove taken in the morning prevents stomach acidity.


In alternative medicine, garlic is known like one of the most efficient detoxification vegetable.
Practitioners in this domain claim that garlic is considered very efficient in killing parasites and germs. Also it prevents diseases like diabetes, depression and some types of cancer.
If you’re allergic to garlic it’s important not to be consumed raw.