Tomato and lemon recipe for dark circles

Dark circles are easily observed and often are the result of fatigue. However, the truth is completely different, dark circles hide one or more health disorders. In fact, dark circles appear after the same mechanism that causes bruises: hemoglobin oxidation.

If you want to get rid of dark circles or bags under the eyes, drink plenty of water and try to sleep on your back. In addition you can try this simple natural remedy but extremely effective.

-1/2 of lemon
-1/2 of tomato

Squeeze the tomato and lemon juice and mix well. Clean the face first then apply the mixture under the eyes but don’t rub the area. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse. Finally, apply a moisturizer.


Also, keep in mind some basic rules, such as: drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, sleep at least 8 hours and use creams rich in almond oil because is an ideal treatment against dark circles and pronounced puffy eyes.