Lose cellulite with these 3 amazing recipes

When you think you lost fight with cellulite, try these three natural remedies.

Coffee scrub

The most popular natural remedies to eliminate cellulite are based on coffee, because caffeine stimulates skin circulation and removes toxins from the affected area. Caffeine destroys fat deposits and smoothies the skin.
A coffee scrub is obtained from coffee grounds or ground coffee. [expand]A popular recipe: half a cup of ground coffee, a quarter cup of brown sugar and a little olive oil. Apply olive oil in the shower on the problem areas, then, with circular motions, rub skin thoroughly with cell-based blend coffee. Rinse and repeat the treatment twice a week.

Apple vinegar

Used often in body care procedures, apple cider vinegar helps to achieve a shiny and silky hair, eliminates acne and whitens teeth, but if you did not know, it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Its effects will be seen after doing several times a week a circular massage with a mixture of three parts vinegar to one part of massage oil or water.

Coconut oil


A fragrant culinary ingredient, coconut oil began to be increasingly widely used as a natural treatment for cellulite, because it helps the metabolism and makes fat to be burned faster. Another important function is the detoxification of his body.
Coconut oil will help eliminate cellulite if you use it as a massage oil on problem areas, while you shower. It may be mixed with sugar and salt to obtain a scrub will certainly remove dead cells from the skin surface.

Image Credits: Gesundheitsmagazine