How to lose weight without exercising

After you drink this mixture for 30 days, you’ll get off 5 kilograms. If you continue to consume it regularly, you will definitely get the pounds you’ve dreamed.

– 200 grams of mulberries
– Half of lemon juice
– one teaspoon of ginger powder

Method of preparation:
After you wash well the mulberries, place them in a blender and drain the juice in another pot. Add the lemon juice and the ginger powder and mix it well. Drink the entire mixture immediately.

How to consume:
Drink this every morning, for 30 days, after breakfast because it will stimulate digestion the entire day.
I assure you that after 30 days you will get rid of 5 pounds. If you want to lose more weight you have to continue drinking this mixture, but you have to drink only 3 smoothies per week.

Mulberries help fat burning process naturally, reducing the risk of obesity. Besides this mulberry juice helps reduce cholesterol and it prevents diabetes.

Image Credits: Myhealthtips