How to heal respiratory infections with potato poultices

Poultices are very effective medicines available to everyone, and the best known therapeutic indication consists in the fast healing process of diseases like cough, asthma, bronchitis or sore throat.
Potato poultices have a soothing effect and their benefit is keeping long-lasting heat. However, they should be carefully applied, because they are very hot and if you apply it to soon can cause skin burns.

How does it work?
Potatoes are known as a good heat conductor, relieving cough and expectoration in case of bronchitis.

-4-6 potatoes
-3 pieces of cloth
-a hot water bottle bag
-an elastic bandage or adhesive tape

Potato poultices applied on the chest are very effective, particularly applied in the evening to coughing children. Boil the potatoes with peels and put them into a cloth and wrap it. Crush the potatoes with a glass bottle until it softens and spread the potatoes for a 30 cm length into the cloth. Testing the poultice to see if it’s ready to use, keep it on your cheek for 30 seconds. If it’s bearable then you can apply it on the patient’s chest and cover it with a woolen blanket.


Potato poultice is allowed to act onto chest while he is hot, eventually all night. After its removal, the skin is massaged with oil.