Get rid of migraines without pills

You feel like you can’t concentrate because of a terrible headache? Before taking pills, try the following remedies:

Leave aside smartphone
A recent study says that people who hold their phones close to their head and if they stand very long in front of a computer, they keep their eyes under pressure and this can turn into a headache.

Drink water
Dehydration can cause severe headaches. A glass of water can solve the problem in minutes.

Take a break
The tension around the temples is a sign that you’re stressed. Withdraw into a quiet place and rub your forehead with circular movements. While massaging, take a deep breath and exhale gently through your mouth five times. Take a break and repeat.


Apply a warm compress on the forehead
The heat helps to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation and helping to relieve pain.

Naturopathic alternative
Make a ginger tea! It has anti-inflammatory properties and reliefs dizziness that comes along with the migraines.