Detoxify your body in one week with this amazing drink

The combination of detoxifying ingredients of this charcoal lemonade is safe for the body and is absorbed easily. This drink acts only in the digestive tract, which encourages the toxin elimination. It is great for any detoxification program.

This drink contains activated charcoal, lemon, maple syrup and water. This lemonade is not pasteurized, so it alters quickly. It must be kept in the fridge. Shake well before drinking it. The drink is delicious and the taste of charcoal is almost non-existent.

Activated charcoal eliminates toxins, cure hangovers and food poisoning, and cleanse the intestines and colon. It reduces bloating and it has an energizing effect.
Different studies on medical coal have revealed that this significantly reduces the symptoms of bloating, flatulence and intestinal cramps.
In detoxification, activated charcoal must be used occasionally and never daily. It can be purchased including capsule form.

How can you prepare your own charcoal lemonade?

Ingredients needed:
• 500 ml of water
• 1 lemon
• 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup
• 1-2 capsules charcoal


Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it in water, then add 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup. Mix the ingredients until they well blended. At the end, crush 1-2 tablets of charcoal and add them in the mixture. Mix well again until you obtain a homogeneous preparation.
Drink half the amount in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other half in the evening before bedtime and do not forget to shake well before consumption.
Repeat seven days in a row, enough time for the body to be cleansed of toxins. The procedure to be followed 2 times per year.